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One of Japan's original port cities, Kobe still ranks high in some of the best restaurants in the country, for both foreign and domestic cuisine. Near Kobe station, Harborland is an exciting area filled with shops, restaurants and the bright red Kobe Port Tower. The harbor is a popular area where groups and couples can stroll along the port and lavish in the sea breeze. From seaside cafes to high-end restaurants with a view, Kobe Harborland provides plenty of options for romantic dinners or casual lunches.

Restaurant Lounge and Bar Grand Bleu

Overlooking the Kobe Port Tower is the ritzy Lounge and Bar Grand Bleu, located inside of the Hotel La Suite Kobe. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner but is best known for their afternoon tea and cocktail hour. Their tea sets come with one of their signature fruity desserts and tea, starting from 1,400 JPY (served 10:30AM~5PM). Diners can relax al fresco in nice weather or unwind on the roomy armchairs in the living room. For special occasions, their seasonal special Happy Vegetable Afternoon Tea, comes with a three tier tower of vegetable goods and is rounded out with a teapot or glass of sparkling. Cocktail hour begins once the sun sets. Live piano music plays in the background while diners enjoy one of the bar’s original cocktails. Their summer seasonal special features tropical drinks, with fresh mango and pineapple.

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Lounge and Bar Grand Bleu is open from 10AM. Cocktail hour is from 5PM to midnight, with a cover charge of 1,000 JPY between 8PM and 10:30PM.

Restaurant Grill Table with Sky Bar

Grill Table is open from breakfast to dinner but is best known for their lunch buffet. Diners choose one main course, normally one of the seasonal pastas, and can choose from over 40 options of appetizers, sides and desserts. The dishes are a mix of western and Japanese cuisine with some wagashi, traditional Japanese sweets, for dessert, alongside shortcake.  The buffet is only 2,000 JPY per person, making it one of the best value restaurants along the harbor.

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Grill Table is open from 6:30AM to 10AM for breakfast, and 11:30AM to 3PM for lunch on weekdays.

Restaurant Bless Cafe

For a casual break in between shopping, look no further than Bless Cafe. This small cafe is no-frills and offers simple lunches and desserts alongside hot beverages. Spend some time relaxing along the harbor with a pasta lunch or linger with a latte and catch up with a friend. Their fruity waffles and parfaits are the perfect pick me up from a busy morning of sightseeing. Bless Cafe also serves pasta dinners, paired with wine and a view of the ferris wheel.

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Bless Cafe is open from 11AM to 10PM.

Restaurant Kobe Harborland Sandaya

A trip to Kobe isn’t complete without Kobe beef. Sandaya specializes in domestic Black beef mostly served teppanyaki style, or cooked on a large, iron grill. The thick beef is cut into generous portions and grilled on the table so diners can choose their desired cooking amount. The meat is tender and melts in the mouth. For dinner, diners can splurge and order the course menu, which comes with the famous Kobe beef alongside starters and dessert.  The restaurant atmosphere is distinctly classic and western, akin to Kobe’s port city sensibilities.

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Dinner starts from 6,500 JPY and lunch from 2,625 JPY. Sandaya is open from 11AM to 8:30PM, with lunch ending at 3PM (2PM for weekends and holidays).

Restaurant Tajimaya

Meat lovers need to head to Tajimaya, a yakiniku izakaya that uses charcoal grills to cook meat. The meat is marbled and fresh, and diners can choose their desired cooking time. Tajimaya also serves grilled fish for those not so into beef. There is also a variety of vegetable side dishes to offset the meat-heavy meal. Korean style kimchi, tofu salad or raw vegetables are popular dishes that pair well with the beef.

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Tajimaya is only open in the evening, from 5PM to 11:30PM and closed on Mondays.

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