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Review (2)
Level1 2016-12-28
東京上野有間 伊豆榮 梅川亭,據說有260年歷史?嘩~認真古老級哦~又據說連日本天王都指定要吃這家店的鰻魚飯⋯喔~怎能放過此機會呢?!伊豆榮外觀尤如一座古老的東京大宅,感覺將要穿越時空回到過去似的,侍應們都是穿著傳統和服的婦人,她們在招待上顯得十分細心,只要稍一有眼神接觸,她們便會很快來到你的身邊,並詢問客人有什麼需要呢?所以⋯還是別周圍亂望好了~這裡最聞名的是鰻魚飯~當然就要來一客了~110克的鰻魚飯配鰻肝湯及漬物盛惠¥2700,老實說,價錢的確比市面上普遍的鰻魚飯貴,賣相吸引,而味道上的確好香,鰻魚醬汁味道亦好濃郁,略嫌鰻魚可再烤香多一點便會更好!但整體上又不至於有太大驚喜。另一松花堂便當¥3240,花款十足,製作亦好別緻~但味道上也屬一般,沒有驚喜之作。伊豆榮之行,食物非常的一般,志在享受環境格局,感受侍應的細心招待,及欣賞美景~因爲窗外會看到一大片湖景,忽然間整個人都會慢下來,享受鬧市中的悠閒~ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2014-01-06
This shop at the entrance of the Ueno Park (a hotspot for the mesmerising sakura in spring) has hundreds of year of history specialising in eel rice served in a delicated rectangular lacquer utensil.The service was very good with some jolly enthusiastic middle aged ladies in traditional kinomos taking care to your every needs. The interior decor is not particularly sumptuous with quite crammed furniture which is typical of Tokyo, however, cleanliness and tidiness are scrupulouly observed which are in the psyche of every Japanese I think.I ordered a medium size eel rice which came in about 10 minutes time, it was served with a small bowl of kimchi, a soup and a cup of Chinese tea.The rice was not very impressive, its fragrance was not as appealing as ordinary Thai rice, it was soft to the extent in line with the eel meat that they formed a homogeneous enjoyable mix inside your mouth.The two big pieces of eel were unquestionably fresh, and so overwhelmingly redolent with the fatty fishy aroma, there were tiny little bones amid the eel meat that inadvertently impart the variation of textures. A bottle of herb which the waitress made enticement to me, when sprinkled onto the eel, though tasted bit exotic (Arabic) it got along with the eel very well.The kimchi sadly was only a small bowl of it definitely worth mentioning, the veggies were crunchy, would not be very salty as you would encounter in street stalls, there were even two short brown trunks of fresh ginseng which tasted so refreshing.Considering the price, it is a place that one should expect to pay for their services above the foods, because I actually found eel rice with similar quality in less renowned eateries in Tokyo, though with less salubrious environment, are much more budget friendly. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)