Tokyo Landmark: Odaiba’s Gundam

Odaiba might seem to be far from central Tokyo and all its popular areas such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, But it is certainly worth the trip there as you will spend your whole day checking the many attractions of Odaiba and still have more for your next visit. Odaiba is an artificial island and therefore you have a small beach looking over the famous “Rainbow Bridge” will light up during the night. You can also find a science museum, a trick art museum, car exhibitions, and a 19.7 meter high Gundam statue (a huge robot) which is located right in front of Diver City Tokyo Plaza, one of the more popular shopping centers in Odaiba.


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Restaurant Gundam cafe

Not only does Diver City has a Gundam statue outside, they also have a Gundam cafe. While you are admiring that beautiful Gundam and perhaps even catching one of its daily shows (11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm). Why don't you do it with a Gundam face coffee (486JPY) and a Gunpla-yaki for 250JPY (Taiyaki shaped like a gundam)? You can also find many souvenirs to buy at the shop such as T-shirts, cups, key chains, coasters and more. If you didn't find what you are looking for don't get discouraged as there is a bigger shop called “The Gundam Base Tokyo” on 7F.  


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Diver City has many options to shop and eat, so if you don’t feel like stopping at the Gundam Cafe, check out these other great options. 

Restaurant Tanaka Shoten

If you are a lover of ramen then try “Tanaka Shoten” located in the 2F food court. Tanaka Shoten offers a variety of ramen starting from 820JPY and side dishes such as a bowl of rice from 350JPY. The food court has 700 seats in it so you shouldn't have a problem finding a seat even if you are in a large group. But you might need to stand in line to order your ramen as it is one of the more popular shops in the food court.


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Restaurant Hello Kitty

Want something sweet? check out the “Hello Kitty Japan” Store. While it is mostly a souvenir shop, at the entrance there is a booth that sell all kinds of delicious sweets in the image of Hello Kitty and her friends.They have Ice cream for 320JPY, and pastries such as cute doughnuts starting from 250JPY. Hello Kitty is located on the second floor.


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Restaurant Yakiniku Heijoen

For something substantial and meaty, head up to 6F and look for Yakiniku Heijoen. Yakiniku is a restaurant were you order raw meat and cook it at the table. You also have the option for side dishes such as a bowl of rice and vegetables. Most yakiniku places are considered more expensive than other places, so make sure to check the prices before going in. Depending on what kind of meat you order a plate can be anywhere between 1000JPY to 3000JPY. There are also group plates (Usually for 2~3 people) that go over 5000JPY. If you do decide to eat here we recommend asking for a window seat as you can see the Gundam statue mentioned before with all its lights. 

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Restaurant Kushiya Monogatari

Ever heard of an all you can eat skewers buffet? Because that is “Kushiya Monogatari” specialty. They offer a large variety of meat, vegetables and seafood skewers that you deep fry at your table. On the table you will find a small fried food cooker, a bowl of flour dissolved in water and another bowl of breadcrumbs, together with that you can choose and refill a number of sauces. There are also side dishes such as rice and salads, cakes and ice cream for dessert. They offer a 90 minute lunch course from 11am-4pm for 1600JPY and a 90 minute dinner course from 16pm-11pm for 2700JPY.


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