Tokyo Landmark: DisneySea!
DisneySea is filled with exciting rides, instagrammable photo ops and lifelong memories...and also some delicious food that can’t be found anywhere else. Take a break from standing in line and relax in a sit down restaurant for a filling lunch or dinner.

American style Japanese food at Restaurante Sakura

Restaurant Restaurante Sakura

Restaurante Sakura is one of the few Japanese restaurants in DisneySea. A sit down restaurant located in a warehouse in the American Waterfront, Sakura is a family-friendly joint best attended for a large meal, either lunch or dinner. While the cuisine is truly Japanese, the restaurant aesthetic reflects its American Waterfront location. Instead of a traditional Japanese restaurant, the backstory behind Sakura is that Japanese immigrants set up a restaurant in America, a diasporic influence on the very American location. 

The restaurant specializes in teishoku style set meals. The cuisine is Japanese dishes that are popular in America, featuring fried goods such as tempura or katsu. Udon noodles or the fish of the day are lighter options for the health conscious. Kids menus are also offered.

Restaurante Sakura is located in a spacious warehouse called the Liberty Fish Market. It is open from 10:30AM to 9PM. Dishes start from 1,000 JPY. The restaurant can get crowded during peak hours, so reservations or priority seating is recommended. 

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Buffet with a view at Oceano Miracosta 

Restaurant Oceano

Perhaps one of DisneySea’s most iconic landmarks is the Miracosta Hotel. The Miracosta is a grand hotel where residents can sleep inside the park. There are 502 Italian themed rooms where guests can relax after a long day of sightseeing. The hotel is also home to three restaurants, the Cantonese Silk Road Garden, the Italian BellaVista Lounge, and the luxurious Oceano buffet. Oceano is a long restaurant with vast views of the Mediterranean harbor. Diners can choose either a buffet option or a fine dining course. The buffet features both Japanese and Western cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. 

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The buffet tables are split between appetizers, main courses, secondary courses, desserts and drinks. The restaurant is large and filled with Mediterranean decor. The food is filling and delicious. Fish is their most popular ingredient, however there are plenty of dishes featuring meat or vegetables for the non-seafood enthusiasts. Make sure you make a reservation well in advance for whatever seasonal show you’d like to catch while dining.  

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Breakfast is served from 6:30AM to 10PM, Lunch from 11:30AM to 2:30PM and Dinner from 5PM to 10PM. Reservations are highly recommended, especially to get a window seat for the show. 

The breakfast buffet starts from 3,000 JPY, lunch buffet from 4,200 JPY, and dinner buffet from 5,800 JPY.

Instagrammable Street Food 

For those on the go, it might be best to skip the sit down restaurant and have a snack while waiting in line. Luckily, Disneysea is filled with food wagons, serving delicious snacks for affordable prices. 

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Sweet lovers can try long churros or the savory can opt for a shrimp filled meat bun near the Port Discovery. Popcorn buckets are a popular souvenir item. Each area of the island serves their own unique flavor of popcorn, ranging from curry to milk chocolate to seasonal flavors, such as strawberry. Buckets are sold throughout the park, and visitors can choose one with their favorite character motif. Different flavors are sold throughout both Disneysea and Disneyland. 

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