Must-try! Top5 Recommended All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku Restaurants in Tokyo!

 Ever feel like eating yourself into a food-coma? Craving Yakiniku? We’ve short-listed 5 great spots in Tokyo to do it!

RestaurantJimbocho Shokuniku Center Main Store

Shokuniku Center offers quality Wagyu beef, as well as various beef and pork cuts seasoned with their specialty “secret tare sauce”. Popular for its convenient location (5 minute walk from Jimbocho Station), deliciously seasoned meats, and reasonably priced AYCE lunch plan (950 JPY for 45 minutes). We recommend trying the “Ami Liver” dish, available at the Shinjuku branch store

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RestaurantTaishoen Ueno Main Store

A well-known Korean BBQ style restaurant with 3 stores in Ueno.  Having been featured on various TV shows in Japan, locals know you can get quality meat (and kimchee!) at a very decent price for lunch. The 120 minute all-you-can-eat lunch plan offers 11 meat and side dishes. 4200 JPY for men, 3500JPY for women, and 2000JPY for children (primary school-aged and under).

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RestaurantNikuya no Daidokoro Miyamasuzaka Meat

Centrally located in Shibuya, Niku no Daidokoro offers a 120 minute all-you-can-eat Kuroge Wagyu beef course for 4980JPY. They also offer a 150 minute “Meat Parfait” and “Meat Cake” course for 5000JPY.

RestaurantAburiya Musashi

For a fancier dinner option, head over to Ginza and try this 90 minute all-you-can-eat A5 wagyu beef course (5200JPY/Women, 6200JPY/Men).  If you’re suddenly not feeling up for Yakiniku, head up to the next floor to Musashi bettei Ganryujima for 90 minute all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu or sukiyaki course (5200JPY/Women, 6200JPY/Men).

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RestaurantTokori Ueno

With several branches located around Tokyo, it’s easy to see Tokori’s popularity. They have several 120 minute all-you-can-eat plans, the most robust being their 6200JPY course which includes over 50 kinds of dishes including high quality Kuroge and Tankaku wagyu beef. We also recommend the 4500JPY Sanmi Course as a more affordable AYCE option.  

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