Kyobashi Landmark Buildings
Kyobashi is known as a key historical location in Tokyo. Before trains, people leaving Edo (old Tokyo) for Kyoto had to first cross the Kyobashi Bridge. This area is well connected to the train and metro infrastructure, which makes it ideal for a traveller on the go!

Kyobashi Edogrand

Located only 5 minutes by foot from Tokyo Station, Kyobashi Edogrand is a massive, 32-floor office, food and shopping complex that opened in 2016. The basement to 6F is accessible to the general public and offers 30 shops and services. Because of its close proximity to Tokyo station and Kyobashi, the Chuo-ku tourist information center is also located here.

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Restaurant Ushi Jirushi Kyobashi Edogrand Store

In this restaurant you can enjoy high quality steaks and yakiniku in a comfortable environment suitable for dining alone or with a group. During lunch (11:00-15:00) they offer Yakiniku sets starting from 1,300JPY for 120g with an option for a larger size up to 200g. During dinner (17:00-23:00) they offer courses like the “meibutsu ushi jirushi course” (4,500JPY) that comes with a total of 13 items from appetizers to desserts.


Ushi Jirushi Kyobashi Edogrand Store is on the B1F of Kyobashi Edogrand and is easy to find thanks to the large red bull statue at the entrance.

Restaurant Churrasco & Beer Restaurant ALEGRIA kyobashi

Come and enjoy churrasco, a Brazilian style of BBQ where the meat is slow roasted and served piece-by-piece. Their main focus is on all-you-can-eat courses with up to 20 types of churrasco such as, beef, duck, lamp, chicken, potatoes, eggplant and more. Lunch courses start from 3,030JPY and dinner from 4,400JPY with an option to add all-you-can-drink for 1,650JPY.    

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Churrasco & Beer Restaurant ALEGRIA kyobashi is on the B1F of Kyobashi Edogrand.

Tokyo Square Garden

Originally opened in 2013, Tokyo Square Garden won a Good Design award in 2014. With direct access to Kyobashi Station, getting to this building is quick and easy. Restaurants are located on B1F-2F, and there's a green space on 3F available to the public. The popular Japan-based outdoor brand MontBell is on 1F.

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Restaurant Bettei Kanda Shinpachi

Bettei Kanda Shinpachi is a Kaiseki restaurant. The menu has many kaiseki meals to choose from that use seasonal ingredients and some items might change depending on the season. There is a lunch time only bento box course for around 3,980JPY while the dinner course usually starts from around 7,680JPY.  

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Bettei Kanda Shinpachi is on the B1F of Tokyo Square Garden.

Restaurant Moyan Curry Kyobashi Store

The owner is a former sports trainer who pursues healthy food that can be eaten every day.  His answer is Japanese style curry made from carefully prepared vegetables, fruits, medical herbs and spices. Even though there is a lot of work put in preparing the curry, Moyan Curry manages to keep it at an affordable price. During lunch (11:30-14:30) they offer a gluten-free lunch buffet that includes 3 types of rice, 4 currys with different levels of spiciness and 15 toppings for only 1,000JPY.

Moyan Curry is on the B1F of Tokyo Square Garden.

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NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the business hours of the shops above may differ from the hours listed on OpenRice JP. Please confirm with the shop directly before your visit.

Tokyo Square Garden
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