2022 New Green Stars of Japan

The Green Star is the newest addition to the Michelin Guide, awarded to restaurants recognized for a dedication to sustainability and responsible culinary practices. For 2022, 14 were awarded in Tokyo, 4 in Osaka, and 6 in Kyoto



Noeud.TOKYO is a newcomer to the Michelin list and awarded both its first star and the green star in 2022. They are a sustainable French cuisine restaurant that only uses fresh natural ingredients that have not been impacted from an external source like pesticide-treated vegetables or medicated meat. Lunch course starts from 4,235JPY (12:00-14:30) and Dinner course from 8,470JPY (17:00-18:00 last entry).

Noeud.TOKYO is only a few minutes away from Nagatacho station exit number 9b.

Other New Tokyo Green Stars:

L’Osier (French cuisine, 3 Stars)

Sazenka (Chinese cuisine, 3 Stars)

Den (Innovative, 2 Stars)

Crony (French cuisine, 2 Stars)

La Paix (French cuisine, 2 Stars)

FARO (Italian cuisine, 1 Stars)

BISTRO Ma Cuisine(French cuisine, BG)



Although a recurring Michelin star recipient, UNKAKU has now also received a green star in 2022. They focus on kaiseki cuisine and the essence of hospitality that comes from the customs and aesthetics of Japanese tea ceremony. Lunch ranges from 5,500JPY to 33,000JPY (11:30-13:30 last entry). Dinner ranges from 11,000JPY to 33,000JPY (17:30-20:00 last entry). We also recommend asking about their special sea bream dish that is cooked on a low flame for about 7 hours making it possible to eat the entire fish from fins to bones. 

Source: unkaku

UNKAKU is about a 10 minute walk from Osakatemmangu Station exit number 8.

Other New Osaka Green Stars:

HATSU (Innovative, 2 Stars)


Restaurant Jugo

Jugo has been a Bib Gourmand restaurant since 2019 and now it also received the green star in 2022. This is a soba restaurant with a minimal menu of three items; Soba, Soba-gaki, and Matcha soba-gaki for 1,500JPY each. What makes this restaurant is that the owner uses his own homemade 100% buckwheat flour and the pre-order preparation is minimal in order to ensure maximum freshness to each and every order. 

Jugo can be found along the north part of the famous Philosophy Road.

NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the business hours of the shops above may differ from the hours listed on OpenRice JP. Please confirm with the shop directly before your visit.

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