Tokyo Japanese Izakaya 2022

Izakayas are popular in Tokyo due to having a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere along with delicious, affordable food and drinks. Many Izakayas have their own specialty such as serving fish only, obanzai, yakitori or other dishes from other areas such as Kyushu. Customers can fill their stomachs with a variety of foods without paying too much. Some restaurants offer course meals in addition to small dishes that you can order separately. 

RestaurantOhashi Ginza

Ohashi Ginza has a fashionable space inside the restaurant with comfortable wide seats, sofa seats and tatami mats. We recommend the Ohashi Specialty Course for 4,950 JPY which has 5 assorted types of obanzai, assorted fresh sashimi along with soup, salad and other side dishes.  Another recommended course is a special lunch-only course for 3,000 JPY that includes; appetizer, 3 obanzai plates, your choice of a main dish like grilled salmon or ginger pork, miso soup, other side dishes and your choice of matcha or coffee. This restaurant is a 5 minute walk from Ginza Metro station exit C1.




RestaurantUoshin Nogizaka Store

This restaurant is a fish only Izakaya, known to serve only fresh fish and improving their skill for over 30 years. We recommend the Nogizaka Uoshin Standard Course (2 hours with all-you-can-drink) for 5,200 JPY. This course has an appetizer, salad, assorted sashimi, 3 fish dishes,specialty sushi and nori soup. The type of fish changes according to the season and what fresh fish is available. 

They also have stand alone main dishes like grilled fish or a plate of assorted sashimi.  The type of fish and the prices for the main dishes changes daily. Together with the main dish they have several side dishes that range from 250 -900 JPY such as fried noodles, yukari potato and dashi roll egg. 

RestaurantHakatakushiyaki Yasaimakigu Dogenne

This restaurant has a stylish design with Japanese lighting inside that gives you a relaxing atmosphere and they specialize in Kyushu cuisine. We recommend Hakata skewers made from fresh seasonal vegetables wrapped with meat, this combination makes the meat more juicy while keeping the vegetables crispy. We recommend the Hakata Specialty course for 4,928 JPY + all-you-can-drink that has a total of 12 dishes with grilled dumplings, horse sashimi and vegetable skewers. We also recommend the sesame amberjack for 748 JPY (known as a local cuisine) and Cheese soboro (a classic snack) for 638 JPY. They also have additional Hakata skewers that range from 165 JPY to 220 JPY with a variety of meats that you can choose from. This restaurant is conveniently a 4 minute walk from Shibuya station. 



NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the business hours of the shops above may differ from the hours listed on OpenRice JP. Please confirm with the shop directly before your visit.

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