Editor's Pick: Top 5 Eats Around Asakusa's Sensoji
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You can get to Sensoji by taking the Ginza Line to the last stop, Asakusa and following exit signs to Kaminarimon. You can also use the Toei Asakusa line and get off at A18, Asakusa.

Restaurant Kikuzushi 

A shop with a history of over 100 years, and its Asakusa location unchanged for over 80. For lunch, you can opt for a sushi spread (¥2100) or a 10-piece set meal (¥2100). Their specialty, however, is the Anago Donburi (¥1500~) of which they offer a “premium” version  (¥2700). 

photos: Kikuzushi Official Website

Restaurant Sushi Zanmai Asakusa Kaminarimon Store 

Known in Japan as “King of Bluefin Tuna” Sushi Zanmai is the standard for reasonably priced, conveniently located, and always delicious sushi. Accessibility both in terms of location and language is important at Zanmai so you can expect a short walk from the station and multi-language menus. The company CEO always makes sure to buy the first Bluefin Tuna that hits the Japanese market every year.

Restaurant  Yukikage 

Yukikage specializes in chicken broth ramen. The chicken base doesn’t change, but you’re free to customize flavor from creamy to light (¥980~). Side dishes also include chicken gyoza (5pc for ¥280).

Restaurant Asadori

Asadori is famous for serving the best kamameshi dishes. Asadori has two categories for their kamameshi dishes; seasonally-limited and shop-specialties. Prices range from a simple chicken “Tori Kamameshi” (¥1,100) to the luxurious abalone “Katsu Awabi Kamameshi” (¥5,500). In May, you can order Hokkaido sea urchin “Hokkaido-san Uni” (¥2,500).

photos: Asadori Official Website

Restaurant Yakiniku Yaichi

Known for offering A4-A5 grade Kuroge Wagyu. The main attraction is their affordable high-grade wagyu yakiniku but visitors are always encouraged to try their A5 wagyu “Gyu Aburi Nigiri” (2 pc for ¥980).

photos: Yakiniku Yaichi Official Website

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