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Yakiniku in Japan are restaurants where you order raw meat and cook it at the table yourself, usually on some sort of hot plate. Unfortunately, this type of restaurant can be quite expensive if you want to eat high grade meat. That is why we will introduce a few options that offer good quality meat at a more reasonable price. All the restaurants on the following list have an English menu, booking option and the prices are for dinner time.       

Restaurant Ore no Yakiniku

Ore no is a large chain with different types of restaurants such as Italian, French, bakeries and, you guessed it, yakiniku. Because there are some small differences in the menu between the shops, we are focusing the Kanda Store  which is located right outside Kanda station. What makes Oreno Yakiniku a popular choice is the range of their menu- with a large group? No problem, try the oreno style assorted combo (600g) for 5800JPY. Want something small? Scroll down the menu and order the premium outside skirt (150g) 1280 JPY. Together with all this delicious meat you can order rice, soup, or seafood as a side dish. Whether  you are alone, in a group, or on a tight budget, you can find something you want here and enjoy it.   

Check out all of Ore no Yakiniku stores in Tokyo here

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Restaurant Carne Station Ginza Store

If you’re extra hungry, head out to Ginza for a meat buffet course, where the basic course starts from 3300 JPY for 90 minutes. The course will determine the type of meat you can take and cook at your table. All courses are all-you-can-eat with various additions you can pick and choose from. As with all buffet-style establishments, you also have access to the side dishes and desserts. This restaurant is located at the basement floor of Ginza Nine Bldg, about five minutes walk from Shimbashi Station, Ginza exit.  


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Restaurant NIKUAZABU GEMS Shinbashi Store

This yakiniku chain restaurant takes its name from its main store in Nishi-azabu, but for this article let’s look at the Shimbashi Store.  The menu and prices are the same for all branches so feel free to check the other locations on their main site. Their more popular course is the “Omakase” for 3000JPY. This includes 13 diffrent types of meat and will be cooked by the staff. Of course, if you prefer your meat to be cooked more or less feel free to tell the staff. Keep in mind that this course does not include drinks, but they do have courses that includes an all you can drink with them and they start from 5000JPY up to 7000JPY. This restaurant is located about 5 minutes from Shinbashi Station, Ginza exit. 

Check out all of NIKUAZABU stores in Tokyo here


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Restaurant Beef Garden Ebisu Store

Beef Garden may be a bit more expensive with the basic course starting at 3500JPY, but they make up for it with higher quality meat.. Together with the higher quality of meat and upscale interior, you feel as if you entered a much more expensive place. They have larger tables for groups, smaller ones for couples and even counter seats. This place is about 5 minutes from Ebisu Station, east exit.

Check out all of Beef Garden stores in Tokyo here


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Restaurant Fufutei Japan Seibu Shinjuku Ekimae Store

Fufutei Japan has a few stores in Tokyo and one of them is in the heart of Shinjuku, only 4 minutes away from Shinjuku station and right outside Seibu Shinjuku station. They offer a 2 hour all-you-can-eat course starting at 2980JPY with up to 80 different types of meat. This course does not include drinks but they also offer an all-you-can-drink soft drink option for 420JPY, with  alcohol starts at 980JPY. They have an English menu and accept people who want to eat by themselves. Fufutei will be pretty busy most days so we recommend making a reservation for a day or two before just in case. They are open only for dinner time from 17:00-00:00 on weekdays and weekends.

Check out all of Fufutei Japan stores in Tokyo here, and Osaka here   


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