Picture-Friendly Izakayas in Osaka that you want to share on SNS 🍺

A Neo-Izakaya looks fashionable no matter where you take a picture, such as retro and cute shops and photogenic menus! From lunch drinking to drinking parties with friends and dates, let's enjoy not only delicious food, but also "photogenic food"✨

RestaurantOkitaya Umeda Store

A cute izakaya that retains the retro atmosphere, located in the back alley of Umeda Doyamacho. This is a restaurant that boasts skewers, including the popular all-you-can-eat 20 kinds of meat sushi + all-you-can-drink (3,850 yen). You can enjoy a la carte dishes such as the snack-like pop “Kawaii Potato Salad '' and the limited quantity “Specialty Beef Tambrian '' (605 yen/piece)! * All-you-can-eat is limited to 3 groups per day from 12:00 to 16:00. Please note that we may not be able to guide you depending on the reservation status.

RestaurantSushi Sakabashi Notoriko

This is another creative sushi Izakaya where you can enjoy not only the taste, but also the appearance. You can also enjoy sushi and other seafood dishes. "Kaisen Narezushi" (1,848 yen) is a sushi spilling with salmon, squid and salmon roe and Rare Cutlet of Toro Salmon~ "Gari Tarutaru ~" (869 yen)! There are many menus that look great with cute drinks!


A 5-minute walk from Temma Station, this is an Izakaya with a high cost performance. The restaurant's popular item is the lemon Shochu-high (390 JPY), which uses frozen shochu that's perfect for summer. The glass with a penguin illustration is very cute and a hot topic🐧! Be sure to check out the a la carte menu items that go well with the drinks, such as "Fried Corn Butter (590 JPY)" and "Shrimp Mayo (590 JPY)"! It's located near the popular "Chochin-dori,"where you can enjoy bar hopping with your friends.


This is a French bar where you can casually enjoy French cuisine. They are open until 5:00 a.m. and they serve high-quality French cuisine at reasonable prices. There are counter seats on the 1st floor and table seats on the 2nd floor. The interior of the shop has a luxurious and elegant atmosphere that makes you think of it as a "fashionable cafe". A glass of wine could be enjoy from 275 JPY, and a glass full of sparkling wine from 385 JPY🍾 The specialty menu item "Extra-thin dry-cured ham" (1,210 JPY) and the "Forbidden Shumai" (880 JPY), a fusion of Chinese and French cuisine, are must-order items! The soft and filling beef filet steak (1,650 JPY) and the tomato cream pasta (1,320 JPY) topped with a whole Migratory Crab are also recommended dishes!

RestaurantYakiniku Sakaba Mario

This is a yakiniku bar that opened in May of this year and fulfills your selfish desires to eat both Yakiniku and Seafood. The interior makes you feel as if you are at a BBQ in a beach house. "Mario Assortment" (3,278 JPY), where you can enjoy about 400g of red meat and offal, and "Shellfish Assortment" (3,608 JPY), which includes abalone, scallops, clams, turban shells, etc., it is excellent value for money. The “One leg takoyaki” (3,278 JPY), which is a hot topic on SNS, will surely look great on Instagram! To finish off the meal, it is recommend the “Soupless Gyusuji Soba" (968 JPY) as well as hot pot dishes.

RestaurantMajima Stand Umeda Store

This is an Italian izakaya where you can enjoy both the appearance and the taste, such as creative “Kushikatsu" (deep-fried skewers) and original specialties. The “Soap Bubble Cocktail” (680 JPY/non-alcohol changeable) is so popular that you will want to post it on social media! Such as the Assorted 10 authentic Kushikatsu (2,580 JPY) and the "Majima style carpaccio" (2,280 yen) with plenty of salmon roe! there are plenty of menus that are sure to look good on your instagram! 

NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the business hours of the shops above may different from the hours listed on OpenRice JP. Please confirm with the shop directly before your visit.

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