Editor’s Top 5 Sukiyaki Choices in Osaka

Kansai sukiyaki is one of the must-eat foods when you visit Osaka. From high-end restaurants to reasonably priced courses, these 5 recommended restaurants will get you well informed and ready to eat!

RestaurantSalon du Kuma3 Kitashinchi

A confirmed reservation is required for the well hidden restaurant - Salon du Kuma. They offer the special Omi beef sukiyaki course which includes "Miyabi" - a style with light taste, their famous katsu sandwich, Inaniwa udon noodles, and a dessert. Private rooms are also available. We recommend booking one if you are going on a date.


RestaurantHariju Dotonbori Main Store

With a history of more than 100 years, this restaurant provides high-class Japanese black beef that is famous in the Kansai region. Immerse your senses with the savory taste of soft, finely marbled beef which melts in your mouth. Lunch courses start from 6,500 yen. Dinner course starts from 8,400 yen.※Please come with shoes that are easy to remove.


RestaurantMatsushita Hondori Store

Matsushita Hondori Store was featured on a TV program, introducing their highest quality Kuroge Wagyu beef. We highly recommend the "Special Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Course" (8,500 yen), which uses mildly fat, A-5 rank sirloin meat.


RestaurantKaren Osaka Shinsaibashi Store

This shop is directly managed by JA Kagoshima Economic Federation. You can enjoy Kagoshima black beef, black pork, vegetables, and fresh ingredients local to Kagoshima prefecture. We recommend the sukiyaki course (10,500 yen) where you can enjoy Kagoshima black beef and black pork at the same time.


RestaurantKisshan Namba Store

"Kisshan" is located on the 8th floor of Namba Takashimaya. There are about 40
types of meat to choose from. Enjoy high-quality Kuroge Wagyu beef at a reasonable price. We suggest ordering their domestic beef sukiyaki course which starts at 5,300 yen, an all-you-can-drink option is also available.


NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the business hours of the shops above may differ from the hours listed on OpenRice JP. Please confirm with the shop directly before your visit.
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