Platinum Don Quijote is Like Shopping at a Luxurious Version of Japanese Discount Store!

Don Quijote is an all-purpose discount store that is known by most in Japan as simply “Donki”. They sell a huge range of items, from food, clothes, cosmetics, daily products to electronics and even party goods. It became popular in Japan because of the overwhelming selection of goods it sells at a reasonable price.
Its newest shop, “Platinum Don Quijote” opened in May 2015. It was given this name because it opened in the area of Shirokane-dai, an exclusive residential district.To match its name, they changed the store’s colors from yellow to white and the sign board letters to a sparkling platinum.

What is the difference between Platinum Don Quijote and your average Donki? Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto and Hikari Shiina (from Tokyo Girl's Update) visited the newly opened store to find out just that.

The overall appearance of the place is luxurious in comparison to the standard Donki. But upon first glance of the interior, you might feel like you’re looking at the same old Donki with their large selection of goods.

Their most recommended product the expensive Japanese beef “Matsuzaka beef”. In Platinum Don Quijote there is a “Matuzaka beef specialty store called “Asahiya”. Asahiya does its own meat processing so they are able to produce it for less money and sell it at a low price.

In the normal bento section, you can buy really cheap bentos. You can buy a bento with grilled salmon and fried fish for a surprisingly cheap price of just 200 yen. They can manage this because they cook it there at the store. It’s something you should definitely check out if you have the chance.

They sell lots of everyday necessities and other items but in addition to that they also sell a huge variety of snacks, cosmetics and other items that make great souvenirs, so we highly recommend Don Quijote if you’re searching for a nice gift for your friends or family too!Also, if you you purchase over 5001 yen worth of goods, they have duty free support so when you visit Japan, we highly recommend you stop by and grab a bargain. They have everything from practical things to comical goods. We’re sure you will find something you like so be sure to stop by if you get the chance!

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