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Odaiba JOYPOLIS, an indoor amusement park, added a new ride featuring VR “ZERO LATENCY VR” on July 2016. The noteworthy point of this is that the ride allows you free-roam and is capable of 6 people at once.

The first trial here is “ZOMBIE SURVIVAL”, where a player saves the city being destroyed by zombies. Kawaii Asia members Kumiko Funayama, Culumi Nakada, and Hikari Shiina (from Tokyo Girl's Update) are going to challenge this!

Before you start a game, you receive an instruction of using weapons and important notice. The guns for the game have four settings ; shot gun, sniper, automatic rifle, and medium-sized automatic rifle, and a player is able to set it by yourself depending on the situation. You need to reload a gun to shoot which makes the experience more real.

The copy “real shooting experience” might make you afraid of losing and ending immediately , but don’t worry. The system stops for 10 seconds when your HP reaches zero, but it revives quickly after that and you will be able to enjoy 15 minutes’ play fully!

So! Wear VR glasses, carry a 4kg backpack, take a 2kg gun, and go for a fight!

I recommend you to go there and experience by yourself, as the experience is not something we can explain! Unfortunately, Kumiko lost within 5 minutes… (but as we mentioned above it revives after 10 seconds break!)

This ride is reservation-only, so reserve a ticket online beforehand. A month’s reservation starts on the first day of the previous month.

After enjoyed VR experience, they headed to “Lola and Carla’s Bijo Mensetsu”.

Guess what it is? Here you can have virtual interview for night host or hostess. Interviewers are the night club’s chief, Lola and Carla. Answer several questions on the monitor and you will be judged by them. If you success the interview, you will be given a special professional name for the night club.

What kind of questions will you be asked? The girls were asked questions such as “Do you believe a fatal meeting?”, “What do you want to improve about you?”, and so on. You’ll be sure laugh at Lola & Carla’s reaction to your answers.

All the three girls passed the interview! They take their promotion photos in the end. Lala & Carla gives your profession name, your copy, nomination fee, and a night club you fit.

See? This really looks like real host & hostess photos! Kumiko and Culumi will be assigned for hostess at a club in Ginza, and Hikari is going to be a host in Shinjuku’s night club!

There are various rides and attractions at Odaiba JOYPOLICE, including “ZERO LATENCY VR”, “Lola and Carla’s Bijo Mensetsu”, and indoor roller coasters. You don’t need to worry about the weather, so why don’t you visit there during your Tokyo sightseeing?

Source: tokyogirlsupdate.com

OpenRice recommend near by restaurants🍴

Dining cafe in Odaiba JOYPOLIS. You can see the night view with the Rainbow Bridge from terrace seats, which very popular. They served western dishes and deserts, pizza and pasta and more. There is a great value course menu with JOYPOLIS passport ticket.

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BISTRO Ushisuke (in DECKS Tokyo Beach) is serves fine red wine with meat. You can enjoy everyday as meat bar, also they searves pet meal so you can bring your pets and enjoy your meal with them too. The steak menu is higly recommended.

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