[Editor's pick] Tokyo Skytree Town Gourmet 10 Restaurants
Tokyo Skytree - established in 2012, this television broadcasting tower has become Tokyo's new landmark. Combined with 'Tokyo Solamachi' ("Tokyo Sky Town"), the two combined are called "Tokyo Skytree Town". Read on to see how you can enjoy your time at Tokyo Skytree Town!

Tokyo Skytree  
This 634m high tower was recorded as the tallest building in Japan at the time of its completion.
At its observation deck located 350m high, you can overlook the Kanto region with a 360 degree view, dine at its sky-high restaurants, and shop for souvenirs. Above it, lies the 450m high Tembo Galleria - Japan's highest observation deck, where you sure will feel like you're taking a walk in the sky! Tokyo Skytree's original character "Sorakara-chan", literally translated as "From the Sky", is also popular.(Photo source: OfficialFB / GOTOKYO)

Tokyo Solamachi 
With an 'all-new downtown' concept, Tokyo Solamachi consists of 3 sections - 'West Yard', 'Tower' and 'East Yard'. Over 300 shops, and entertainment facilities such as the Sumida Aquarium and Konica Minolta Planetarium are included in the area.(Photo source: wikipedia)

Don't miss out on these 10 restaurants and cafes! 
After enjoying great paronama view from the Skytree, or shopping at Solamachi, take a break at our Tokyo Skytree Town hot picks!

SKYTREE CAFE RestaurantFloor 340 / RestaurantFloor 350
Located on the observation floors of the Tokyo Skytree. Floor 350 is a standing cafe. Cute desserts shaped as Sorakara-chan are especially popular.(Photo source: TRANSIT / Hera Sze)

Located 345m above ground level, this is the only restaurant at the Tokyo Skytree observation floor. Serving French-style Japanese cuisine.(Photo source: midori.moriyama)

Serving creative cuisine, this restaurant is located right in front of the Tokyo Skytree. Mostly serving course meals, some menus serve appetizers on minature Skytrees!(Photo source: Cherry 。。baby / airyfairy) 

Moomin is a troll character from Finland. This Cafe serves desserts based on Moomin's world, as well as coffee from Finland's most popular coffee stand "Robert's Coffee".This is the only place in the world where you can try the exclusive 'Bluberry Coffee'!(Photo source: OfficialFB

Originally from Israel and popular in New York, this Chocolatier's second store in Japan is located here in Solamachi. Savor rich chocolate menus with family and friends!(Photo source: OfficialFB

A must-visit for fruit tarts lovers! At Qu'il Fait Bon, only carefully selected seasonal fruits are used to produce their collection of over 20 types of tarts. Limited to the Skytree store, a souvenir Skytree badge is given as a gift per piece of tart ordered.(Photo source: Qu'il Fait Bon)
Edo-style sushi served by professional Sushi chef using fresh seafood. The exclusive menu "Special Cho Ten-don" only served 20 bowls a day, is tempura donburi with extra large tempuras standing tall on rice - as astonishing as the Tokyo Skytree!

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Popular tsukemen shop with rich soup and thick noodles. Its branch by Tokyo Station is crowded from morning to night, so Solamachi Store is a great place to try it. Least crowded from 2 to 6 PM!(Photo source: bibipang)

Hokkaido seafood served fresh! Popular in Hokkaido, the Solamachi store is the first chain shop which opened in Tokyo. 

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With over 150 years of history in Kyoto, this is the only Tokyo store available at present. Seasonal soft-serve ice cream such as 'Valentine Limited Matcha Ice cream" and "Ohanami Ice cream" can be enjoyed here.

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