[2021] Michelin Guide: New 1 Star Kyoto Restaurants
The Michelin Guide is the global standard for travelling foodies. Japan is one of the top countries with the most stars, second only to France. In the nation’s old capital of Kyoto, check the list below for newly minted 1 star “high quality cooking, worth a stop” restaurants for 2021.

Restaurant CAINOYA

Located on the second floor of Good Nature Station, a 2-minute walk from exit 4 of Kyoto-kawaramachi Station, Cainoya is an Italian-Japanese fusion omakase course only dining experience. Each course serves around 14 dishes at ¥33,000 per person. 

Restaurant TAKAYAMA 

Although only recently opened in December of 2019, Takayama has already received its first Michelin star. The innovative Italian shop offers one course for lunch and dinner starting from ¥22,000. 

Photos: Takayama Official Facebook

Restaurant LURRA°

The chefs at Lurra present innovative dishes using local ingredients. The 10-seater shop is a 1 minute walk from Higashiyama Station exit 1. Thecourse meal is served simultaneously with other diners for a shared dining experience and starts from  ¥25,000.

Photos: Lurra Kyoto Official Facebook

Restaurant Ichijoji Norihide

Norihide serves Kyoto cuisine in traditional kappo-style servings. The restaurant is an old Kyoto-style house located about 7-minutes on foot from Ichijoji station. Seasonal omakase course style menu starts from  ¥8000. The chef is fond of crab, and incorporates it when available.

Photos: Norihide official Facebook

Restaurant Noguchi Tsunagu 

A 4 minute walk from Kyoto-shijo station, Noguchi Tsunagu is a new Kaiseki restaurant, which opened in November of 2019. Lunch course starts from ¥10,000 and comes with 3 dishes, rice and dessert. The 2.5 hour dinner course starts from ¥15,000, comes with 5 dishes, rice and dessert. 

Restaurant Torisaki 

The only yakitori shop to receive a Michelin star in Kyoto is located about 2 minutes from Karasuma-oike station by foot. The omakase course features 15 dishes for ¥8,250. The shop also offers a limited supply of bento boxes at ¥2,700. 

Other New 1 Star Restaurants in Kyoto 

Sushi Hayashi (sushi)

Kyoseika (Chinese)

Gion Kajisho (Japanese)

Shimogamo Saryo (Japanese)

Sanso Kyoyamato (Japanese)

Yuyu (Japanese)

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