Lunch spots around Kiyomizu-dera: one of Kyoto's Most Popular Temples

Kiyomizu-dera is one of the largest and most popular temples in Kyoto. Located on a hillside, this temple is known for its wooden structures and panoramic views of the city. The temple is beautiful both during the day and at night, with illuminations lighting the cherry blossoms or fall foliage. There are many roads that lead up to Kiyomizu-dera and they are filled with all kinds of shops including restaurants and cafes. 

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Restaurant Akoya Chaya

Akoya Chaya is an all-you-can-eat pickled vegetables buffet that includes 20 different kinds of pickles, rice, miso soup, Japanese tea (Hojicha and Sencha) and Monaka (Japanese sweet) for 1,600JPY. There is no official time limit for dining but it is customary to stay for about an hour.   

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Akoya Chaya is about a 20 minute walk from Kiyomizu-Gojo station and about 5 minutes from Kiyomizu-dera entrance. It is open everyday from 11:00-16:00.

Restaurant Yoshimura Kiyomizu-an

Yoshimura Kiyomizu-an is a soba shop that offers not only delicious soba but also a relaxing atmosphere in the middle of a busy area. The interior has wide spaces, traditional wooden design and there is a terrace area with a small garden that lights up at night. The soba is made from Buckwheat flour grained at a stone mill. They offer a few different set meals such at the Shimizu set (清水膳, 1,760JPY) that comes with soba, rice, salad, pickles and a coffee or latte, the Higashiyama set (東山膳, 2,000JPY) that comes with two different sobas, tempura bowls and pickles.   

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Yoshimura Kiyomizu-an is about a 15 minutes walk from Kiyomizu-Gojo station and about 5 minutes from Kiyomizu-dera entrance. Open everyday from 11:00-17:00. 


AKAGANE DINING is a French cuisine restaurant inside the Akagane Resort Kyoto Higashiyama 1925. It has a unique look that combines traditional Kyoto buildings together with luxury modern restaurants. They offer a variety of courses that are based on fresh seasonal ingredients. Lunch courses start from 3,025JPY (11:30-15:30) while Dinner courses start from 5,808JPY (17:30-22:00).  

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AKAGANE DINING is about a 15 minute walk from Kawaramachi Station and about 10 minutes from Kiyomizu-dera entrance. 

NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the business hours of the shops above may differ from the hours listed on OpenRice JP. Please confirm with the shop directly before your visit.

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