Kyoto Popular Spot: Arashiyama


A quick getaway from the old capitol, Arashiyama is peaceful and scenic. Located in the western district of Kyoto, it's also a convenient 20 minute trolley car ride (via Keifuku Randen Tramline) from Omiya Station. People flock to this area in the spring for cherry blossoms and fall for the autumn foliage, but it is beautiful all year-round. 

Souvenir Shopping and Snack Spot Syoryuen

Syoryuen is a popular tourist spot with all kinds of souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the Hankyu and JR Arashiyama Stations, but is located just outside the Keifuku Randen Arashiyama Station next to Tenryuji Temple.  Syoryuen is open everyday from 10:00-17:00.

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Restaurant Mamemono to Taiyaki

Opened in September 2020, this takeout-only sweets shop features the cutest fish-shaped sweets. Here, visitors line up for the famous An-Butter Taiyaki (350JPY), where you must eat within 1 minute! They also offer mametai-soft (550JPY), another shop-original treat, made with a rich milk ice cream topped with a salty taiyaki-shaped biscuit. 

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The Bamboo Forest Path

Located near Tenryuji Temple, this protected swath of bamboo forest is a must-see for visitors. The vibrant greenery and soft rustling will transport you back in time! There are multiple paths to explore, and entry is free of charge. Winter is especially beautiful when the forest lights up for illumination! 


Restaurant eX cafe Arashiyama Main Store

This popular cafe shop is inside a renovated old Japanese-style house. There are tatami seats, table seats, and private rooms, and many of them face a Japanese garden. The menu includes traditional Kyoto sweets like a Hokuhoku Dango set (1,350); 3 skewers of yomogi dango and 3 white dango grilled at the table plus green tea.   

Source: eX cafe Arashiyama official facebook 

eX cafe Arashiyama Main Store is about a 10 minute walk from Saga-Arashiyama Station on the JR Line south exit and is a minute away from Saga-Arashiyama. 

Restaurant  % ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama

This small coffee shop has great coffee and even better views. It overlooks Katsura river and Arashiyama mountain. It is also very close to popular sightseeing spots such as the bamboo grove and Tenryu-ji. Many people choose to stop at this shop for a cup of coffee (350JPY~) and relax while taking in the view.


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% ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama is about a 15 minute walk from Saga-Arashiyama Station south exit, and about a 5 minute walk from Randen Arashiyama Station. 

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Restaurant Cafe Dining Sera

Cafe Dining Sera is a lunch time only cafe featuring hearty meals made with Kyoto-sourced ingredients. For a taste of local flavor, try their daily plate 本日の気まぐれごはん (900~2000JPY) which will change based on available ingredients of the day. Check their Instagram for a preview of their daily plates! 

Source: cafediningsera

Cafe Dining Sera is about a 10 minute walk from Saga-Arashiyama Station north exit. 

Restaurant Arashiyama Kijurou

Arashiyama Kijurou specializes in making wagyu beef dishes cooked with their own special sauce. They have obento box-like dishes such as the Wagyu yakinikuju with dashi roll (1,900JPY)  , donburi dishes like Yuba Bowl (1,400JPY) and much more.

Source: kijurou.gorp

Arashiyama Kijurou is only a 5  minutes walk from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station south exit.

NOTE: Due to the on-going COVID-19 Pandemic, the business hours of the shops above may differ from the hours listed on OpenRice JP. Please confirm with the shop directly before your visit.

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